Includes the soap dispensers, installations, all other mixing stations. Free service is included.  
( ask for more details)
IHCP - In-House Chemical Program :Our in-house program allows you to buy from LWC laundry and dish-machine chemicals at
 more than 30% over ANY other competitor.  You pay for the dispensers & install once. The only time you will get charged is when you decide your machine needs service .  LWC will be there 24/7  to provide that service 
OSCP - ON Site Consult Program:

An LWC consultant will come on site to do a complete analysis of your facilities.  This includes providing  you with a report that will break down every area of your operation, from utilities, labor, indirect cost, chemicals and replacement. This will help you understand all costs and help your organization save money and improve results.   In this program we will also provide service call repairs, "start up" installations, ESR (extra service request), trouble shooting and any other services.
Cost: $85.00 per hour with a 35.50 trip charge, $500.00 per day plus expenses- Flat rate jobs available.
OCCP - On Cell Consultant Program:
After the initial "start up" we will provide you with a 24/7 cell phone support to help you with any trouble shooting or service questions.
Cost:      .99 per minute
Tech Manuals with all our programs we offer complete manuals for maintenance, results troubleshooting, procedures and things to know.
CD availble - Cost: $99.95 
Service Arms:  AZ, CA, NV

LWC /No trip charge as long as you are a full line chemical customer, 
In-House customer  85.00per hour.  trip charge 35.50
David in Belflower, CA    Gregg in Rancho PV, CA    Marlon in Las Vegas, NV