New Laundry or Kitchen Washroom area?
Need Chemicals, Equipment, Installation? 
Upgrade an Existing Laundry or Kitchen Washroom area ?
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Laundry & Ware washing Consulting does all that and more.
LWC Laundry Industry Specialties see hotels and hospitals as the biggest laundry customers on the planet, accounting for nearly 90% of all laundry done every day. Hospitality and health care linen operations have many similarities but the differences lie in the type of soil loading found on the linens and how each must be handled to ensure a clean, sterile finished product. LWC Laundry & Warewashing Consultants are  proud to offer our unique perspective and years of experience in laundry, Ware-Washing & Housekeeping operations, including hospitality, health care, and many other types of commercial properties.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
• Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance svcs.
• Discovery phase consulting and initial planning
• Custom designs to fit your specific needs and space
• Custom CAD/MEP drawings for your laundry & ware washing 
• Work flow projection & analysis for ergonomic designs
• Equipment sales and service – most major brands
• Installation, startup and training services
• Most efficient and effective laundry designs available With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.
The combination you’ve been waiting for! Professional-Grade Ozone Laundry Systems & World-Class Laundry Expertise to make them work for you.
 Our team of engineers consultants are from all over the USA
 • More than a Century of laundry experience
 • Career Hospitality and Healthcare linen specialists
 • Career chemical industry experts
 • Career laundry equipment manufacturing engineers
 • Familiar with local markets and vendors in most places
 • Healthcare expert helped write S&P for VA laundries
 • Voluminous experience with laundries of all sizes
 • Extensive experience with all phases of production
  • Initial Consultation
  • Laundry Layout Planning
  • Budget Planning
  • Equipment Sales
  • Contractor Review
  • Installation, Startup & Optimization
  • Training
  • Service Contracts